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Shared Decision Making - Torbay Charts Patient Decision Aid

This questionnaire is for patients who have used the Torbay Charts patient decision aid tool to make decisions in their care.
(This question is mandatory)
Your consultation for today was about:
Who were you seen by?
E.g. Physiotherapist, GP, ESP, doctor, nurse, other
Where did you have your appointment?
The following list includes statements related to the decision-making in your consultation. For each statement, please indicate how much you agree or disagree by ticking the relevant box:
"The patient decision aid (PDA or Torbay Chart) helped me understand there are different options for treating my medical condition."
"By using the patient decision aid (PDA or Torbay Chart), I understood the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment options."
"The patient decision aid (PDA or Torbay Charts) helped me engage with my healthcare professional in making a decision about my treatment."
"The patient decision aid (PDA or Torbay Chart) helped me and my healthcare professional identify my preferred treatment."
Prior to attending this appointment, were you expecting that you would be having surgery? 
Have you now decided to have a non-operative treatment (e.g. choosing a treatment that does not require having surgery)?
What one thing would you want to be improved about the Torbay Charts (patient decision aid tool or PDA)?