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User Survey
Have the videos provided you with enough information to make an informed decision on what to do next?
How satisfied are you with the content/information provided in this video?
Would you recommend this video to someone with a similar condition or in a similar situation?
We would like to receive more of your feedback. Would you be happy to answer a few more questions?
Please tell us a little about you:

How old are you?


As a user, were you able to interact with all controls and interactive elements of the video library using the mouse, keyboard and/or an assistive device?

Is the content of the video library clear, and limits confusion and ambiguity (if no, please specify)?

Did you have any difficulties while using the video library?

How did you find the health and care video library?
If you have accessibility needs, does the video library meets your needs?

The video library is a web resource that should be available and accessible to everyone. To help us trying to achieve this, can you please tell us if one or more of the statements below apply to you?

Did the information provided in the video library meet your expectations?
How relevant do you perceive the content of this video library is to you and/or your condition?
The information I got from the video was:

In your recent experience with the video library, were you able to navigate the library and find the specific video content that you were directed to?

Have any of these videos informed your decision on whether to see a clinician?
If the videos were used as part of a consultation with a healthcare professional, did they help you to understand the issues that were discussed?
After watching the videos did you (choose all applicable):
Have the videos saved you the need to contact your healthcare professional?
Have any of these videos helped you think about what you might ask your clinician or prepare for your appointment?

How acceptable is it for you to receive this type of information via a video?

We would like to hear more about your views and experiences with the video resources, would you be willing to take part in a focus group/interview to expand on your responses and provide us with your insights?
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